The TEC Division of the Department of Mechanical, Energy, Management and Transportation Engineering (DIME) belongs to the Polytechnic School of The University of Genoa. For pursuit of its own institutional targets, for a long time the TEC  Division starts up and promotes successful teamworks with colleges, other research centres and in particular with industrial word.

Because of this position the TEC Division chooses themes often in line with modern requirements of development and competitiveness for evolution of technological system.

Contracts and agreements stipulated with external institutions guarantee availability of finances.

The mission of the TEC Division  is the development and spread of teaching and research activities in the fielsd of Technical Industrial Physics (ING-IND/10) and Technical Environmental Physics (ING-IND/11), with particular reference to energetics and applied thermodynamics, air conditioning , thermal fluid dynamics and heat tranfer, acoustics and Thermophysical properties of materials, also with reference to relevant applicative developments in the fields of building, power plants, renewable energy, electronic componentry technology, heat exchangers and so on.

The TEC Division  department has a teaching staff of 17 units, an administrative-technical staff of 9 persons plus 3-4 Ph.D students per year. The global budget (excepted costs for personnel) is about 650000 euro/year and the attending students (almost all belonging to the Polytechnic School) are about 700 per year.

Many studies and researches at the TEC Division are performed for industries and institutions outside the Academic world. The researches are devoted to the following scientific fields: conduction heat transfer, two-phase systems, single phase natural and forced convection, thermal and flow field visualisation by means of optical techniques (schlieren, liquid crystals, laser), thermophysical properties of non metallic solids, radiation properties of solid surfaces, thermical working of industrial equipments. The TEC Division  promotes and spreads different fields of energetic engineering.

The TEC Division  offers two laboratories belonging to the IHQL group ("Italian High Quality Laboratories"), according to Italian law (Art.14 D.M. 593/2000):

 Applied Thermal and Fluid dynamics Laboratory

 Thermophysical properties of material Laboratory

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