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 DITEC's Web Site
  DITEC's Web site has a structure to allow the reader to access and to find information esasily.
In the home page the macro areas of the site are listed and the possibility is given to search documents inside this Web site; the same function is available in this page.
At the top of all the other pages there is a drop down menu from which not only the macro areas of the site, but even every sub section can be reached.
That menu has the same structure of the site map here on the left, and is browsable from every site page.
 Suggested Browsers
  DITEC's Web site can be read by every browser; nevertheless it's required Javascript to use the advanced services (e.g.: the menu).
The best results are possible with Internet Explorer (at least ver. 5), Netscape 6 (at least), Opera 6 (at least). Anyway a good navigation is guarenteed even with Netscape 4.x.
 Site's Technology
  In order to mantain a Web site usefulness, the site contents must be regularly updated; an appropriate use of the Java technology coupled to a database makes the site dynamic, easy to manage and therefore with often updated contents.
For further information about the used software engine, please visit the site 

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